What We Do

We are a family of three who live and work in an RV.  Not one of the huge ones, but a nimble 25 foot Winnebago View with a trailer full of toys that we pull behind us.  On June 16, 2014, we sold our home in Boulder, CO and hit the road full time in search of adventure and more quality time together as a family.  We believe that time we spend outside together is the best investment we can make in our family.  So we have set out to explore North America, and share our adventures in hopes that we might inspire other families to get outside and try something new.

Each day is a new adventure.  We wakeup and look outside to remind ourselves exactly where we are, and then we get to work.  Abby logs in to her online school and Peter and I take care of the family photography business.  Sometimes we are photographing professional kayakers for a magazine, other times we are photographing a family in a spectacular location creating fine art for their home, and sometimes we are going on an adventure creating content for one of our commercial clients.  No matter what we are photographing, it is always exciting to be working in some of the most spectacular scenery North America has to offer.  Occasionally you will find us teaching a photography workshop or running a kayak program.

After work, and on our days off, we set out for some family fun time exploring our surroundings, most often in a kayak.  Wherever we are, if you happen to cross our path, be sure to say hello – we love to meet other families out on their own adventures.

Where We Will Be

Follow the Famagogo journey to over 25 National Parks and a lot of other amazing places!

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